Message from Our Founder

As an " Exit Coach" and Financial Advisor for the past 30 years, what I have heard most often from Business Owners is that they need a "Coach" for their "Advisor Team".

They tell me, "I have a team of Tax, Legal, Financial & Operations Advisors, but I need someone to organize, prioritize and manage the team's implementation for my long range Exit & Succession planning."

Exit Coaching starts with identifying and compiling your Facts, Goals & Objectives into a "ROADMAP" to define where you want to go. Next, we identify and organize the best strategies to get there into a Strategy "PLAYBOOK", for your team to review and edit. Finally, we create a prioritized "TASKLIST" for your team to work from. With the ROADMAP, PLAYBOOK and TASKLIST in place, your Advisor Team can focus on implementing the strategies in an organized, cost-effective manner.

On a football team, the Coach keeps the team on point and makes sure that the right "plays" are called at the right time and makes sure the "team members" are in the game at the right time. Exit Coaching saves you time and money by making sure your "team" is organized and working together efficiently. 

From Business Succession & Exit Planning to Key Employee Retention to Retirement & Estate planning, in Southern California or other areas of the US give us a call to discuss your needs.

Bill Black | "The Exit Coach" | Certified Exit Planner and Business Succession Speaker

  Bill Black
"The Exit Coach"

Bill Black is "The Exit Coach". He has 30 years of Succession & Exit planning experience. He was one of the first in the US to earn the prestigious CExP (Certified Exit Planner) designation. Bill is past Chairman of "The Private Business Group", a national group of over 100 Business Consulting professionals, and he is a co-founder of the Orange County Business Owner Advisory Team. Bill is a Charter Member of  the "Business Enterprise Institute", a national think tank of over 400 Exit Planning Specialists.

 Bill's work philosphy: "Business Owners are my heroes and I have worked closely with them for 30 years to Grow and Protect the value of their businesses. Every owner will eventually Exit their business -- Voluntarily or Otherwise -- and I want to make sure they get maximum value for thier efforts."

When you think of Exiting, think of me. I help Business Owners find the Exit.