How We Work

In our experience long term client relationships mature over several phases, and we have developed a time-tested process that assures a mutually fulfilling result and puts our experience and principles to their highest purpose.

Step 1. Understanding

 In the beginning we take a broad perspective. We need to understand our clients’ future goals, their past achievements, and their current circumstances. And beyond the facts, we need to appreciate the personal, spiritual, or philosophical values that motivate them as well as the lessons they have learned through their success. Listening is always the first step toward earning a seat on your side of the table.


Step 2. Analysis

 Then we narrow our focus and begin research on your current planning strategies - reviewing existing documentation to identify gaps or inefficiencies, as well as new opportunities to consider. From this analysis we recommend a menu of appropriate strategic strategies. Each one is subjected to modeling and testing so that you can make informed decisions as the plan develops.




Step 3. Education & Collaboration

 We realize that you have expertise in running your business, and that some of the strategies we recommend will be new to you. We want to make sure that you are clear on the basics of how each strategy works. So we take the time to explain, in clear terms, how each strategy works.



Step 4. Implementation & Manage Results 

Implementation is achieved by a task management schedule -- much like a contractor manages the building process. We strive to make sure that your professional team is engaged and committed to completing their assigned tasks on a timetable.


The Next Step is up to you!

What's holding you back from starting your Succession and Exit planning?
Common reasons we hear:  "I'm too busy"  "There's plenty of time for that" "I'm not ready to start planning just yet"

Many of our Workshop attendees have said it best: "The years go by quickly -- the sooner you start, the better the chance that your plan will work. Seize the moment and take action now!!!"